The Innocents

This morning I arose to see a disturbing news report on the BBC about the ongoing kidnapping of students in Nigeria. Far from being old news, things are getting worse there, not better. It was heartbreaking to see these gentle people telling their stories; at least, those whose children had survived and been returned. ItContinue reading “The Innocents”

Being Intuitive

My granny was psychic. She knew things before they happened. She saw dead people. There was no drama about it. It was just a family fact. She was a lovely granny. She did lots of granny things, like letting my sister and I sit either side of her in bed and share her breakfast. OrContinue reading “Being Intuitive”

Hello, I’m Peta

Writing has always been a joy for me. From my earliest years I wrote short stories and poems. Truth be told, they were so much rubbish, but I had a great time writing them. I am a Beauty Therapist with my own business and I have been blessed to be able to work for overContinue reading “Hello, I’m Peta”

The Bottles

Mr. Bottles was not walking that morning with Mrs. Bottles. I felt slight alarm as I made my usual drive around the Savannah on the way out. Why did he not walk today? I wondered. Perhaps his knees were bothering him too much. That dam doctor just won’t listen, man. Or maybe he just didContinue reading “The Bottles”

Lockdown #2

According to our PM we must be closed for 3 weeks, even though our Covid protocols at work have been rigid, exemplary and successful. Some in the business have not been so careful and so the government believes that all should be penalized. Even though I work with one client at a time, with 30Continue reading “Lockdown #2”

Covid Carnival

“They reach! How many doses? Where to get it? What’s the number again?” Oh my goodness! The drama and panic that surrounded the getting of the first Covid 19 vaccinations went in true Trini form. You know we Trinis LOVE a baccanal. Kudos to the Ministry of Health for their exemplary handling of the distributionContinue reading “Covid Carnival”

The Need For Touch

Of  the five senses, Touch is by far the one that changes lives. When a person in pain or grief, who may be feeling a little low, or who is simply lonely, receives a gentle touch from someone their body immediately begins to calm, to heal. In my profession I touch. The touch of aContinue reading “The Need For Touch”

One year and one month

So….. one year and one month ago Trinidad and Tobago joined the global pandemic lockdown. For a long time, I chose to see the humorous side of the whole tragic thing. After all, laughter is the best medicine and all that. But now, so long after, and with the dreaded Third Wave rearing its uglyContinue reading “One year and one month”


I looked out at that amazing sunset. Greens and golds. Blues and pinks. I thought what a unique work of art! This could never be created by Man in his weak and fallible form. And then as I watched, drinking in the pure, supernatural energy of it all, I saw in my mind’s eye aContinue reading “Revelation”


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