Being Intuitive

My granny was psychic. She knew things before they happened. She saw dead people. There was no drama about it. It was just a family fact. She was a lovely granny. She did lots of granny things, like letting my sister and I sit either side of her in bed and share her breakfast. Or letting me help her gather strawberries from her vegetable garden. She had an amazing vegetable garden. And the daffodils and tulips in her garden were to die for!

And she was an intuitive. So when I was very young, and certain dreams I had started coming true a few days after, I just thought it was coincidence. Until my mum and dad told me that granny was psychic.

All of us have the ability to be intuitive. It is something that has to be first acknowledged, and then practised. It’s as basic as listening to that still small voice inside, and as complicated as learning to discern what Spirit is saying.

Recently, I met an amazing lady named Colette who has made her life’s work from using and applying her intuitive abilities to help others. I learned how to start harnessing my own abilities, and how to use meditation and Oracle cards to hear what message the Divine has for me or for others. It is indeed a gift from God.

It’s difficult practising this part of my life. Many people think you are looney, losing your marbles, or just plain stupid. I have a new appreciation now for people who are considered “different” just because their beliefs and method of prayer does not conform to mainstream religion.

For the record, I am a Roman Catholic. I like being Christian. I believe most of the Bible, but I understand that thousands of years have made many different interpretations of this amazing story, and that in order for uneducated people to understand it’s meaning, lots of simplistic explanations abound.

What remains Universal is God. The Divine. His/Her Holy angels. Spirit. After 2000+ years, the Catholic Church has gone full circle. Right now it is no different to what the Jewish High Priests were like back when God sent his son Jesus to fix what was broken and corrupt then. Catholics don’t like to hear that, but it’s the truth. Many other Christian pastors acknowledge this and are actively trying to bring people back to the basics and away from putting others up on pedestals.

So I believe that pure prayer, the act of centering oneself and looking inward to the Spirit that created you is getting back to basics. Acknowledging the protection of Angels puts a Divine Light of love around you. No one human on Earth is any better or greater than another. How can a priest, bishop, cardinal, Pope say they are living their life as Jesus did when we – the ordinary folk below – are expected to bow, kiss rings, and address these people with titles such as Your Grace, Your Eminence? Jesus did not encourage titles. The Romans called Him King of the Jews. His disciples called Him Master, but none of the titles were of his doing. So why would the “leaders” of the very Church we are told was started by Him wish to have so many titles applied to themselves? See, that’s what was happening back in those Jesus days. That’s why he destroyed their temple, outraged that the church was running for profit. Sound familiar?

A very Catholic friend of mine once berated me for using crystals in my practice. She said they were “bad.” I pointed out to her that they come from the very Earth that God made. That the Rosary she had made of plastic beads and had blessed by a man in a long robe whom she called Father was probably less sacred than the things which God had created. She Unfriended me on Facebook.

So I pray. I meditate. And I use the very gifts that God gave me to help others whenever I can.

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