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Being Intuitive

My granny was psychic. She knew things before they happened. She saw dead people. There was no drama about it. It was just a family fact. She was a lovely granny. She did lots of granny things, like letting my sister and I sit either side of her in bed and share her breakfast. OrContinue reading “Being Intuitive”

Hello, I’m Peta

Writing has always been a joy for me. From my earliest years I wrote short stories and poems. Truth be told, they were so much rubbish, but I had a great time writing them. I am a Beauty Therapist with my own business and I have been blessed to be able to work for overContinue reading “Hello, I’m Peta”

The Bottles

Mr. Bottles was not walking that morning with Mrs. Bottles. I felt slight alarm as I made my usual drive around the Savannah on the way out. Why did he not walk today? I wondered. Perhaps his knees were bothering him too much. That dam doctor just won’t listen, man. Or maybe he just didContinue reading “The Bottles”

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The Need For Touch

Of  the five senses, Touch is by far the one that changes lives.

When a person in pain or grief, who may be feeling a little low, or who is simply lonely, receives a gentle touch from someone their body immediately begins to calm, to heal.

In my profession I touch. The touch of a beauty therapist, massage therapist, reiki healer, is comforting, healing and calming.  It is like water to a thirsty soul.

The current world situation regulates that we must limit human contact.  Don’t touch.  Stay apart

While we comply with those measures to limit the spread of the Virus and to banish it from our lives, let us all remember that tis is NOT the new normal.  This too shall pass.

We will live to hug, to touch, to sit close to others and share our life experiences and our time.  We will smile with UNMASKED faces and rejoice in our Humanity.

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